Fair allows juniors, seniors to explore Jesuit colleges


Claire Kosewic

Seniors speak with an admissions representative from Gonzaga University in Spokane, Washington. The Jesuit Excellence Tour provided an opportunity for students to ask personal questions, fill out information cards, and pick up brochures and handouts from 20 schools.

Claire Kosewic, Web Editor

The Jesuit Excellence Tour took place this morning, offering juniors and seniors an opportunity to speak with representatives from 20 different Jesuit colleges across the country.

“I got to see a lot of colleges I had never heard of before, and looking at a bunch of options together was so much easier,” junior Marguerite Williamson said. “It was a little overwhelming with all the people, but talking to the representatives was really nice.”

Going to fair-style events helps juniors look at many colleges at one time, and can assist them in developing the criteria they have for other college options they may be exploring, according to College Counseling Director Rebecca Munda.

“You can see everything you might be interested in, plus lots of things you aren’t interested in,” Munda said. “Fairs help students decide what things are important to them in the college search, and subsequently narrow down their choices.”

Colleges who participated in the fair included schools as diverse as Loyola Marymount University, Gonzaga University, Seattle University and College of the Holy Cross.

“A lot of the colleges there were on my radar, but I didn’t know much about them,” senior Sarah Hong said. “I was able to ask some really specific questions, and learn a lot more than what’s on colleges’ websites.”