Choir performs a cappella set at assembly

Claire Devereux, Senior Reporter

The choir gave its first performance of the year at assembly in Siboni before lunch.

“It was both a fun and challenging idea to have these young women step into the spotlight,”said Head of School Rachel Simpson. “I believe in their talent, we had a lot of fun putting it together for two weeks.”

Simpson stepped into the role of substitute choir teacher while waiting for Denise Wharmby, the new choir teacher and 6 grade to 12 grades Vocal Music Teacher/Accompanist. Wharmby will start the school year late due to a pre-scheduled visit to her family in Australia.

Choir is being offered as a formal elective class during G Period. This elective will fulfill their visual and performing arts requirement.

“I love the new ideas they are trying to bring to the choir such as a cappella and the various parts of a cappella,” former choir member Francesca Petruzzelli said. “It isn’t just the alto and soprano, it’s the beats and the music behind the actual singing.”

The choir is open to all freshmen, sophomores, juniors and seniors, but most juniors do not have the G elective period so the group is mostly freshmen and sophomores.

“I liked how some of the people had solos so they got to express their individual voices,” former choir member Abby Anderson said. “They did a really good job for not having a formal choir teacher and that they have accomplished a lot in such a short amount of time.”