News publications will share leadership and space

Darrean Loy, Reporter

Two separate, 12-page, student-led news publications will be turning a page next year and joining forces, sharing a workspace and an adviser.

Tracy Sena, Scholastic Journalism and Media Director, announced during G Period that she will be adding another Schools of the Sacred Heart publication to her roster alongside The Broadview and Convent of the Sacred Heart High School’s revamped yearbook Très Bien.

The roundtable, Stuart Hall High School’s 12-page news publication, began the school year under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Owen Fahy with six staff members and has since expanded to 18.

“We hope to use her advice and her expertise, and use that to influence our current style and the way we do things,” Fahy said. “Hopefully we can marry the two into a product that we can both take pride in.”

The roundtable staff’s change in leadership and location to the Publications Lab on the Broadway campus is due to Educational Innovation Coordinator Lori Saltveit, the current adviser of the roundtable, is transitioning to full-time work for both Convent and Stuart High Schools in the coming school year.

“I want to help them identify the type of publication they want to be and come up with their own deliberate style to best serve their audience,” Sena said. “I expect it to be very different from what The Broadview does in that one is a young women’s newspaper and the other is a publication for young men.”

Having Sena as the new adviser will foster a positive change for the roundtable, according to Broadview web editor Lisabelle Panossian.

“Ms. Sena is able to motivate the staff and inspire students to write about things that they never thought that they would want to write about,” Panossian said. “They will do journalistic projects that they never imagined they would be doing.”

The Broadview staff has become well-accustomed to sharing this year after it began sharing Sena with the Très Bien staff, according to Panossian.

“They cheered this morning when I told them,” Sena said of The Broadview staff members present in the meeting. “The Broadview will be inducted into the National Scholastic Press Association’s All-American Hall of Fame next week. They’re really proud of what they do and they want to see other people become as successful as they have been.”

NSPA inducts news publications twice a year into the All-American Hall of Fame once they have earned 10 All-American ratings, the highest rating from their publication critique service, within an 11-year span.

“It’s a big win-win for everybody,” Sena said. “I would love to see the two staffs compete to break stories first and see who does it best. Friendly competition keeps everyone on their toes.”


This story was edited on April 10 to reflect the following corrections: the correct spelling of “Broadway”; the roundtable uses lowercase in referring to its publication; although Education Innovation Coordinator Lori Salveit will have some tech support in her role, it will not the entire focus of her position with the two high schools next year.