Four grades, four retreats: Participants give insights on annual experience

Asha Khanna, Senior Reporter

With the third quarter coming to a close, each grade took part in the annual spring class retreats Thursday, Friday or Saturday last week, but they were structured differently this year.

Juniors were the first to leave Thursday for an overnight retreat at Camp Newman, returning to school Friday afternoon. Seniors embarked on their overnight retreat to St. Dorothy’s Rest on Friday. Freshmen stayed on campus and participated in a program from YouthSpeaks, themed “Finding Your Voice.” Sophomores went to a variety of local organizations, including Walk SF, San Francisco Marin Food Bank and an elder care center.

Freshman Isis Boivin, sophomore Cali Debevoise, junior Katie Newbold and senior Madeleine Denebeim reflect on their favorite parts from their grade retreats: