Badminton brings victory in first matches


Kendra Harvey

Badminton celebrates their first win of the season with In-N-Out. This is a tradition when playing schools in Marin County.

Kendra Harvey, Managing Editor

Badminton swept San Domenico School in their first game of the season, winning every girls’ singles and doubles games.

“The game against San Domenico went very well,” co-captain Nora Hanak said. “Everyone is having fun, which is our main goal, so it was really successful.”

The team, consisting of 11 new players, returning coach after a two year break Sarah Garlinghouse and Stuart Hall High School badminton alumnus Steaven Baldoza as co-coach, began practices two weeks ago.

“Today, everyone had a solid performance.” Baldoza said. “Everyone tried their best and came out there and just killed it.”

The next home game is this Thursday against California Crosspoint High School at 4 p.m.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone improve,” Baldoza said. “I was on the team two years ago and looking at players that had played with me, I was thoroughly impressed with their performance today and seeing them grow up and seeing their progress.”