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Supporting one another essential to success

Supporting one another essential to success

Editorial Board

November 5, 2015

Relationships forged at school provide a sturdy social safety net that teens can call upon in times of difficulty, yet for many others, a school’s social environment can be a stressful one, in which students can face toxic friendships and dating relationships, or complete ostracization at the hands...

Feminism is not just about equality for men and women

Feminism is not just about equality for men and women

Editorial Board

October 1, 2015

When browsing the New York Time’s “feminist” news section — which redirects to its “Women’s Rights” page — it is very clear that the movement’s focus has been on leveling the playing field between men and women. Genderqueer individuals — who identify as both, neither, or a combin...

People should do more than just text to help Haiti

February 11, 2010

Staff Editorial Disaster strikes. The global community is inundated with requests for volunteers and donations for the affected region. It has become easier with each natural disaster to send humanitarian aid to the people of a panic-stricken country without leaving the house or even getting out of...

Concerts should not have age limit

October 30, 2009

Staff Editorial Music is there for teens at times when their worlds are collapsing and changing as they grow — those times when they begin to ask, in the words of Tegan and Sarah, “Where does the good go?” In brooding over a first crush or a bad grade or a fight with parents, an emotionally u...

Society pushes teens to go with the crowd

September 23, 2009

Staff Editorial It is hard not to stereotype. Everybody does it. A girl walks by wearing big hoop earrings and colorful high top Nikes. Someone says, “Oh, she’s so ghetto.” Everybody says it. Anyone with bling or saggy pants or a tiny back pack becomes “ghetto.” Those living in true poverty...

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