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The Broadview

Awards and recognitions 2015-2016

Journalism Education Association of Northern California
2016 Annual Contest

NEWSPUB profile feature story
Claire Kosewic     First Place     Alumna makes waves at US Naval Academy

NEWSPUB review writing
Julia-Rose Kibben     Third Place     Life before death

ONLINE breaking news story
Claire Kosewic    Honorable mention    CSH, SHHS have program day to encourage gender equality

2016 Annual San Francisco Peninsula Press Club
Student Journalism Awards

Staff     Second Place     Racial insensitivity triggers community discussion

Web site content
Staff     Third Place     The Broadview

General Excellence/Newspaper
Third Place     The Broadview

California Press Women (April 25, 2016)

Column Writing 
Liana Lum     First Place    Teens need to take notice, Improper use of mobility aids degrading, offensive
Alyssa Alvarez     Third Place    View from the stands/Ability over image

Kristina Cary     Third Place     Bingeing can lead to unhealthy lifestyle
Kristina Cary     Honorable Mention    Feminism is not just a case for women, men

Feature Story
Kendra Harvey     Second Place    Self-exams save lives through early detection of breast cancer
Julia-Rose Kibben     Second Place     Makeup labels only go skin-deep
Claire Kosewic     Second Place     Alumna makes waves at USNA
Liana Lum     Second Place     Misunderstandings surrounding feminism lead to new terms
Liana Lum     Second Place     Ribbons mislead consumers
Liana Lum     Second Place     Shaming is limiting. Period.
Liana Lum      Second Place Alumna makes movie on Syrian border focusing on impact of happiness
Neely Metz     Second Place    Workers pay the price for fast fashion
Lisabelle Panossian     Second Place     Protecting privacy online
India Thieriot     Second Place     Dinner is a meal best served with family
Neely Metz     Third Place     Toxic friends diminsh relationships
Neely Metz     Third Place     Kill the conversation
Neely Metz     Third Place     Multitasking both helpful, distracting
Lisabelle Panossian     Third Place     Being the odd girl out
Lisabelle Panossian     Third Place     Guardian of the front gates
Lisabelle Panossian     Third Place     Female comedians get serious about gender equality
India Thieriot     Third Place     Youth Should be Seen and Heard
Julia-Rose Kibben     Honorable Mention     Puppies ‘ruff’ and tumble on football field

Graphics/Photo Illustration   
Kendra Harvey     Honorable Mention     Self-exams save lives through early detection of breast cancer
Kendra Harvey     Third Place     Getting a’head’ of concussions
Asha Khanna     Third Place     Malware infects digital hardware

News Writing         
Alyssa Alvarez     Third Place     Service project bypasses borders
Asha, Khanna     Second Place     Malware infects digital hardware
Julia-Rose Kibben     Honorable Mention     Two teen girls dominate the virtual sports world

Opinion Writing
Lisabelle Panossian     Second Place     West Mourned, East Ignored

Julia-Rose Kibben     Second Place     Exhibit explores Amy Winehouse’s rise to fame

Single-Page Layout
Kendra Harvey     Honorable Mention     Be the ‘breast’ you can be

Sports Story
Asha, Khanna     Third Place     Athletes prioritize school for college

JEA/NSPA 2016 Spring Convention in Los Angeles

  • Inducted into the National Scholastic Press Association Hall of Fame for over a decade of sustained excellence
  • First Amendment Press Freedom Award (Awarded to Convent HS for all of its publications)
  • Online Pacemaker FinalistDSC_0755
  • Best of Show First Place Newspaper Tabloid 16 or Fewer for the Feb. 4, 2016 edition
    Judge’s Comments: The top choice had strong writing, contemporary stories and a clean design. Overall, there was a strong use of graphics tied to the verbal content. Students approached controversial topics and there was a strong focus on the lives of the students.
  • Best of Show Second Place Website Small School (<1500 students)
    Judge’s Comments: The second place winner Broadview had good story variety with strong headlines. They were also had a very organized system of topics on the site.
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Awards and recognitions 2015-2016