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Vaccine preventable

Each vaccine requires a different dosage and booster schedule. Doctors recommend that individuals stay on top of their vaccines in order to maintain herd immunity.

Gabriella Vulakh, Web Editor

April 1, 2019

Childhood diseases such as measles, whooping cough, mumps, and chickenpox are reemerging in the United States in recent outbreaks on the West Coast in California, Washington and Oregon, and doctors point to anti-vaccination groups as the cause. “It is a tremendous risk when families do not vaccinate their...

Staying healthy during the flu season

Staying healthy during the flu season

Mary Perez, Senior Reporter

January 30, 2018

WEB EXCLUSIVE With the flu season peaking mid-January, students and teachers missing classes have become a regular event and many are fighting to remain healthy.    “I’ve been washing my hands and staying away from people who are sick,” freshman Charlotte Ehrlich said. “I haven’t been ...

Vaccinations create a healthier community

Vaccinations create a healthier community

October 3, 2014

By routinely immunizing populations around the world, health professionals have completely eradicated diseases such as smallpox, and have achieved the near-disappearance of illnesses such as polio, yet many adults refuse to vaccinate themselves and their children. Vaccines are an essential agent in mai...

New bill gives teens access to STD services without parental consent

Isabelle Pinard and Rebecca Lee

November 10, 2011

Jewel Devorawood Web Editor Among the more than 140 bills Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law last month is Assembly Bill 499 which enables minors to receive services to prevent sexually transmitted disease without parental consent. Current  family legal codes §6925 and §6926 already allow te...

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