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Ads not so ‘Super’

Ads not so 'Super'

Editorial Board

February 4, 2016

As Super Bowl 50 festivities begin in San Francisco, people all over the country are flooding to the City to take part in the excitement of the game. Although many females will watch Super Bowl 50 and other big time sporting events, male-exclusive advertisements, lack of encouragement and poor representation of female athletes in the media c...

Sexual harassment prevents women from breaking through the glass ceiling

Sexual harassment prevents women from breaking through the glass ceiling

Editorial Board

December 10, 2015

Even though women have made strides in many areas of the workplace, breaking the glass ceiling is made even more strenuous by sexual harassment in working environments, creating tremendous difficulty and setbacks for many women striving for success. One in three women has experienced a form of sexual harassmen...

Feminism is not just about equality for men and women

Feminism is not just about equality for men and women

Editorial Board

October 1, 2015

When browsing the New York Time’s “feminist” news section — which redirects to its “Women’s Rights” page — it is very clear that the movement’s focus has been on leveling the playing field between men and women. Genderqueer individuals — who identify as both, neither, or a combin...

Teens have religious values, if not ‘religion’

December 12, 2014

The perception that today’s teenagers are increasingly distancing themselves from religion, spirituality and the values that they profess, and that teens’ religious knowledge is shallower than past generations’, is an unjust falsification that Religious values are still important to today’s...

Youths need to find a voice a voice in politics

September 28, 2012

In  39 days young people will play a pivotal role in deciding who is elected president of The United States. There are already 46 million youth voters, aged 18-29, registered to help decide who will lead the country through the next four years, according to The Center for Information and Research on...

Stressed students struggle with pressure

Stressed students struggle with pressure

November 10, 2011

Staff Editorial Classes, tests, quizzes, sports and a social life all fall on the shoulders of a high school student, but sometimes the stress is too much to bear. The goal of a perfect GPA plus a well-rounded life-style is what high school students strive for, yet from the ages of 14 to 18 years,...

Society pushes teens to go with the crowd

September 23, 2009

Staff Editorial It is hard not to stereotype. Everybody does it. A girl walks by wearing big hoop earrings and colorful high top Nikes. Someone says, “Oh, she’s so ghetto.” Everybody says it. Anyone with bling or saggy pants or a tiny back pack becomes “ghetto.” Those living in true poverty...

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