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Texting lingo goes into mainstream

Texting lingo goes into mainstream

Julia-Rose Kibben, Design Editor

March 16, 2016

Terms such as “bae” and “on fleek” are paving their way into modern day vernacular through Instagram captions, Snapchats and even the dictionary. “Young people bring new language into the culture,” Lynne Soffer, Professional Dialect, Speech and Text Coach, said. “They speak it around their parents and their aunts and their uncles, and it s...

‘Ghetto’ has deeper meanings not intended by teen users

September 30, 2009

by Zoë Newcomb News Editor Seventeen magazine boasts the best tips for how to get that perfect “ghetto-fabulous look.” Girls shriek through the halls, laughing about their ghetto car. World history classes study the poverty-stricken ghettos of World War II. The word “ghetto” has evol...

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