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‘Jane Eyre’ remake delights new generation

Michael Fassbender (left) and Mia Wasikowska (right) in the romantic drama JANE EYRE, a Focus Features release directed byProxy-Connection: keep-alive
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ary Fukunaga. LAURIE SPARHAM © 2011 Focus Features| with permission

April 8, 2011

Sara Kloepfer Managing Editor “Shhh!” — the man in front of me at the theater hissed angrily at my friend and I as we whispered giddily about the couple embracing on the screen. This was no teenage-heartthrob freak-out. The older, ruggedly handsome man staring into the fiery eyes of a pale t...

Film industry sexist, lacks actor equality

February 17, 2011

Sara Kloepfer Managing Editor Millions of Americans every year tune into the Academy Awards an hour beforehand to watch the spectacle that is the Red Carpet. Whether oohing and ah-ing over gorgeous gowns or cringing at the fashion faux-pas, both viewers and the media obsess over what the female actor...

Rosary remembers Katrina 5 years later

Rosary remembers Katrina 5 years later

September 23, 2010

Zoë Newcomb & Sara Kloepfer Peering through the broken glass of the double doors in her backyard, Charlotte Svenson saw for the first time the insides of her childhood home destroyed. Svenson’s mother broke down sobbing in her daughter’s arms. “My neighborhood showed no signs of civilization...

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