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Like many teenagers, junior Lily Peta uses her iPad as a means of accessing social media. Netflix just released an new documentary, The Social Dilemma that focuses on what many say is the dark side of social media.

Netflix documentary prompts reflection on social media

Darcy Jubb, Senior Reporter September 23, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE As Netflix releases a documentary questioning the intentions of social media companies, students are reflecting on how social media affects their lives.   "The Social Dilemma" focuses...

Netflix’s subscription count increased greatly over the last two months. Netflix gained over 6 million subscribers in 2020 with 182.9 million total.

Binge-watching increases due to shelter in place

Tala El Qadah, Reporter May 2, 2020

WEB EXCLUSIVE Rather than running around on a grassy field, many team athletes are turning to binge-watching as their spring sport. The current shelter-in-place order has left athletes with the extra time...

Sources: Fox KTVU, Statistica, Omnicore Agency

Press pause

Gabriella Vulakh, Web Editor May 28, 2018

With a monthly fee as low as $7.99 for both Netflix and Hulu subscriptions, binge watching one of the thousands of shows and movies available for streaming online has become part of many teens’ daily...

13 Reasons not to watch

’13 Reasons’ not to watch

Grace Ainslie, Assistant Sports Editor May 18, 2017

After the release of a new series about a high school teenager who commits suicide, popular streaming service Netflix faced accusations of promoting suicidal behavior and garnered backlash on social media...

Liana Lum/The Broadview

Teens feed into binge culture

Liana Lum, Editor-in-Chief April 30, 2015

Liana Lum News Editor From Netflix to Instagram and Spotify to PostMates, teenagers are consuming services and products on demand, contributing to an increase in consumer culture. “Consumer...

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