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View from the sidelines

View from the sidelines

Alyssa Alvarez, Sports Editor

August 29, 2016

As U.S. swimmer Katie Ledecky raced to the finish in the women’s 800 freestyle at the Rio Olympics, the world would soon have a new record holder. Michael Phelps tied for silver in the 100 butterfly that same day and headlined almost all forms of media over Ledecky. The Olympics are supposed to ...

Good Call: Awarding Olympic honor

Good Call: Awarding Olympic honor

September 12, 2012

Claire Fahy Editor-in-Chief In an event as widely watched as the Olympic Games, there are a lot of moments. Usain Bolt’s dazzling defense of his 100 and 200-meter gold medals, Michael Phelps’s accomplishment of becoming the greatest Olympian of all time, and Gabby Douglas’s history-making a...

Good Call: Ordinary Olympians

May 25, 2012

Claire Fahy Sports Editor Although the Olympic Games have evolved since their mythological founding by Hercules and Zeus, their participants are still widely viewed as gods. When I was younger, I idolized Olympians whose battles captivated my attention for a few summer weeks every four years. As I ...

Steroids issue: Cheating or technological advancement

September 19, 2008

Sophie Gilchrist Sports Editor After all the scandal and controversy over the baseball players taking anabolic (muscle building) steroids, it is time this issue is addressed — not in the negative “cheating” tone that the country has taken, but as technilogical opinion. World records have bee...

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