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Privacy breached

Privacy breached

Olivia Mohun, City Life Editor May 24, 2018

Many teens often take various trivia or personality online quizzes in their free time, however, some online quizzes lead to possible breaches in privacy, such as in the recent Cambridge Analytica scandal...

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Spreading news moves from paper to glass

May 27, 2014

Articles ranging from “22 puppies who are annoyed with their owners” to “U.S. cluster bombs keep killing civilians in Yemen” makeup sites such as BuzzFeed, VICE and Mashable, all of whom focus...

1 in 3 online teens have experienced online harrassment. Source: RACHEL FUNG | The Broadview

Facebook dominates competition despite social media start-ups

May 26, 2012

Rebecca Siegel Design Editor Tumblr, Twitter and YouTube may be dynamic options for social media allowing access 24/7 via a smartphone, but the majority of American teens have crowned Facebook...

NICOLE HVID | The Broadview

Teens need to tune out social media

May 25, 2012

Staff Editorial New social media options keep popping up where you least expect them, from new ways to edit photos on-the-go to virtual pin boards. Now that almost everyone has a smart phone teens are...

Senioritis should not bring grades down

March 13, 2012

Rebecca Lee Editor-in-Chief Endless scrolling will be the death of me. There have been countless nights where I have found myself on Tumblr or Facebook, procrastinating on my homework even though...

Students take a break from social networks

Students take a break from social networks

February 7, 2012

Tatiana Gutirrez & Shirley Yang Reporters Senior Kendall Scullion could not be found of Facebook for three months last fall, preventing her friends from easily contacting her or tagging her...

Social networks lack personal touch

Social networks lack personal touch

November 10, 2011

Isabelle Pinard Managing Editor It’s possible in the 21st century to form instant links of communication constantly through cell phones and social networks like Facebook and Twitter, but a crucial...

Social media both positive and hurtful to teenagers

April 8, 2011

TaLynn Mitchell Reporter New evidence links an increasing rate of teenage depression with the amount of time spent on social media including Facebook, while also suggesting social media may play a...

Libby Brittain

Libby Brittain fuses social media and journalism into career

February 17, 2011

Zoe Newcomb Editor-in-Chief “Random: The first word (of many) I remember being fascinated with was ‘galore.’ Heard it on a radio ad; couldn’t grok it. It starts young,” Libby Brittain (’07)...

Formspring changes from virtual socializing to vicious gossip

Formspring changes from virtual socializing to vicious gossip

December 14, 2010

Sara Kloepfer Managing Editor “Ask me anything.” The seemingly innocuous phrase graces every Formspring profile, inviting visitors to anonymously ask questions for others to publicly answer. Such...

Online pioneers take blogging to new heights

Online pioneers take blogging to new heights

October 29, 2010

Sara Kloepfer Managing Editor There are four little words I used to hate — “Check out my blog.” Whether actually hearing them, reading them in a magazine or seeing them on someone’s Facebook...

To trust or not to trust Facebook is the question

September 23, 2010

Sarah Kloepfer Managing Editor Slow, plodding piano notes gather speed as a pixilated picture of a young woman comes into focus on the screen. She is followed by more pictures — close-ups and group...

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