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Restrictive diets can foster bad habits

Restrictive diets can foster bad habits

Madeline Thiara, Components Editor

February 14, 2020

Although not eating for extended periods of time can be a healthful diet tool for adults, intermittent fasting may not be the right decision for teenagers.  “I choose to only eat eight hours a day and fast for 16 hours," chemistry teacher Roderick Mobley said. “I have already lost seven pounds in t...

Perfect body comes with a price

Source: Livestrong

Josephine Rozzelle and Jordan Russell

May 2, 2017

As the summer season and warmer weather draw near — and lighter, more revealing clothing becomes more popular — many teens focus on developing the “perfect summer body” through diets or exercise routines, but weight loss can be detrimental to one’s health. “There are a lot of different reasons — ...

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