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Vote smart, not partisan

Josephine Rozzelle

Josephine Rozzelle, Editor-in-Chief

September 27, 2018

As Democrats are gearing up to reclaim control of Congress and Republicans are looking keep their majority through the 2018 midterm elections, partisanship may lead to uninformed decisions in the voting booth. Every midterm election cycle, one party or the other uses the phrase “take back” as...

Finding common ground

Finding common ground

Asha Khanna, Editor-in-Chief

December 14, 2017

Endorsing political candidates with histories of sexual assault allegations has apparently become a pattern. At least nine women have publicly accused Republican Senate nominee Roy Moore of Alabama of sexually assaulting them, most cases occurring when the victims were minors. Disregarding the...

And then there was one: Reflections on remaining Republican presidential hopeful share common themes

And then there was one: Reflections on remaining Republican presidential hopeful share common themes

Claire Kosewic, Senior Reporter

May 5, 2016

Two presidential candidates dropped out of the race for nomination yesterday, clearing the playing field for the one remaining candidate, resulting in confusion, disagreement and disappointment among many. Despite the fact that most students cannot vote, many are nonetheless interested in the presidentia...

Folding the Trump card

Folding the Trump card

Kendra Harvey, Managing Editor

March 14, 2016

Listening to a drama-filled fight full of snarky comebacks and insults, I forget I am not watching the latest episode of “Keeping Up with the Kardashians” or girls fighting for “love” on “The Bachelor” — I am watching the potential future leaders of this country during a presidential debate. Political...

Emerge America helps women enter politics

Karen Middleton, President of Emerge America

December 14, 2010

Zoë Newcomb Editor-in-Chief Emerge America is a training program for Democratic women interested in running for political office that provides the resources and skills necessary to run a successful campaign for public office. How did Emerge America get started? In 2003 a group of women rea...

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