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Vietnamese ‘street food’ on Steiner

The Saigon Souvenir is the non-veg- etarian spring roll option. The subtle tang of mango strips sweetens the savory poached shrimp wrapped in a cellophane skin.

April 8, 2014

Alice Jones Food Reviewer Chestnut Street can be a capricious venue, and many restaurants have attempted success between local Steiner Street favorites The Plant and Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers. Whether SaiWalks, a Vietnamese street food restaurant with rolls, banh mi sandwiches, salads, Pho noodle soups, noodle bowls and rice ...

Barn a bit of a bummer

The Winter Mix salad comes with a delightfully light and tangy dressing, but it could use some more slices of fresh bread on the side. Make sure to dig to the bottom for all the goodies.

March 28, 2013

Alice Jones Food Columnist Our group of seven mobbed down Chestnut Street and walked into Blue Barn with expectations high and wallets at the ready — our big bucks turned into a long wait. The sign “Slow food takes time” hanging above the cashier shouldn’t be taken lightly. The sl...

Local bakeries put twists on favorites

Local bakeries put twists on favorites

May 26, 2012

Alice Jones Reporter Convent girls are blessed and cursed to have four bakeries specializing in cupcakes within walking distance of school. A rich, sugary and moist cupcake sounds like the perfect sugar boost after a long day of school, but the hardest decision is choosing which shop to go to. SusieCakes ...

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