Katy Perry thirlled a crowd, and they liked it

Meghan Helms

A crowd made up mainly of young women danced around impatiently to the warm-up band The Daylights with occasional cheers, but upon rising-star Katy Perry band’s entrance in their glowing, white suits, the floor shook with the crowd’s excitement as fans jumped up and down screaming and chanting, “Ka-ty! Ka-ty!”

Dressed in a pink and white romper, Katy Perrys rocks with the crowd amidst blue lights and screaming fans.
Dressed in a pink and white romper, Katy Perrys rocks with the crowd amidst blue lights and screaming fans.
“Hello Katy,” Perry’s first tour, co-staring her pet cat Kitty Perry, was a sold-out event when the show came to The Fillmore on Jan. 28.

Perry ran on stage to a friendly and excited crowd on time. Wearing a red, white and pink romper, Perry gave a lively and playful show, telling entertaining anecdotes about the origins of the songs that she was to sing and of the large inflatable cathead (Kitty Perry) standing on stage behind her. Blow-up strawberries and bananas also adorning the stage were not explained. At one point Perry danced the Hokey Pokey, calling for the crowd to join her, and at another time wore a leopard print unitard and cat ears.

Throughout the show Perry seemed to be as excited as the crowd that was occasionally throwing glow sticks on stage and waving around homemade shirts and signs.

The show moved on with prancing and telling short stories until, according to Perry, the crowd had been there long enough so she brought out the cherry ChapStick — a cue to fans that she was going to perform her top song “I Kissed a Girl.”

“How many of you brought your cherry ChapStick?” Perry screamed into the microphone, and was answered by a loud cry from the crowd that left skeptics wondering how may girls actually had cherry lip balm in their jeans pockets.

Perry danced around waving about a large inflatable cherry ChapStick as the crowd sang her hit along with her.

Towards the end of the song, Perry stepped down closer to the fans and leaned forward into the sea of arms and bodies causing the whole crowd to shift forward and clump around the stage. According to eaves droppings, Perry actually did kiss a couple of girls as she leaned far into the crowd.

Perry then left without a good bye or backwards glance, leaving the crowd confused as to whether the show was over.

The sudden drop in sound and atmosphere left the crowd somewhat down as they meandered around the theater floor, kicking plastic cups and hoping for another appearance. Other members of the crowd slowly filtered through the exit doors trying to keep alive the upbeat atmosphere that had so recently filled the theater with music, shouting and dancing — a good time.

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