Team conditioning continues online

Athletes participate in school-provided workouts


Takouhi Asdorian

Junior Takouhi Asdorian does squats for her field hockey workout. Every week, the field hockey team meet every Monday for 30 minutes.

Tala El Qadah, Reporter

 The postponement of fall sports has caused teams and student-athletes to find different ways to stay connected while training and conditioning virtually. 

Cross-country coach Michael Buckley and assistant coach Alyson Barrett are sending different types of workouts daily via email to keep their student athletes motivated and in shape. According to Barret, it is important for the team to stay connected and healthy through this new virtual workout system. 

“Right now, we are having our athletes focus on building a mileage base, and we have been assigning a lot of core workouts, ” Barrett said. “I think this is a great way to support these athletes and help persuade them to do physical activity everyday while connecting them to their community.”

These workouts include strength exercises, endurance training and conditioning. Athletes record their mileage while running and take photos of themselves working out and email them or confirmation.

“Having Coach Buckley send different types of workouts is so helpful,” sophomore Natalie Posner said. “This has helped me follow a routine of doing a workout and running a mile everyday after school.”

The athletic department has also set up Zoom calls for all teams, including winter and spring season sports. These meetings take place once a week on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in hopes of bringing teams together  

“We hope to follow the routine we had in spring where teams would Zoom once or twice a week and have workouts to do daily until the California Interscholastic Federation allows us to be in person,” athletic director Elena DeSantis said. “It is hard to be on Zoom but it is also a good way to keep people motivated and connected as a team.”

Similarly to Posner, senior Dagny Wallace finds the emails Buckley sends to be highly motivational and says it has helped her have fun while working out. She misses spending time with her teammates and having their support but enjoys the encouragement the workouts give her. 

“Not being around people has honestly caused me to be unmotivated,” Wallace said. “I’m glad that they’re sending out emails because it feels like my team is with me. ”

Many student athletes have been preparing for the start of the fall sport season by attending the Zoom meetings and working out during their own time at home, such as sophomore Elizabeth Woods, who plays JV volleyball. 

“I am glad they started doing Zooms for the teams because it has helped me stay focused and motivated,” Woods said. “It feels like I am still a part of my team and it’s nice to see the team together.

De Santis has recommended various ways to stay in shape and says people should use the extra time given to us by COVID-19 to take advantage of all the opportunities that the school has offered. She also suggests that students talk to faculty in the athletic department if they have any questions or concerns.

“We have more time than ever to work on ourselves and become stronger athletes, even if we have to do it alone,” De Santis said. “Everyone should take advantage of the things that the sports department has offered; the agility workouts, the core workouts and the Zoom gatherings that Barclay has brought.”

Barret has attended some workouts and says that it has helped her feel less isolated and alone. She also has used this long period of time to work on herself and her work ethic.

“I know this process has been new and tough for everyone but we’re in this together,” Barret said. “Us coaches are always here for athletes and I recommend talking to friends who are also athletes so they can give each other strategies on staying motivated and lift each other up.”


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